AXLR8 Training courses

AXLR8 Training Courses are well prepared and delivered by experienced professionals who are also using and involved in the development of the facilities every day.

“The training gave me a thorough understanding of how I could manage and administrate a system with 90 demanding, busy users!”

AXLR8 Training Courses are provided in the following subjects:

  • AXLR8FastTrack User Courses (half day to a day customised on site).
  • AXLR8FastTrack Administrator (one day basic, two days for accreditation).
  • AXLR8Trigaware Message Author (half day).
  • AXLR8Trigaware Administrator (one day).
  • AXLR8Event Management ( user and admin levels).
  • AXLR8FOI Tracker and Admin (User and Admin levels).
  • Various customised development and IS related subjects including MS and open source systems (ASP, SQL Server, Linux, MySQL, Postgress).
  • MS Exchange, the main Open source email and DNS technologies.

Please ask your AXLR8 consultant for details.

AXLR8 Super User and Business Manager Trainings 2017

Course code Month Date Day Places left
NB, RB, QB January 12 Thursday 0
Super User January 13 Friday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB February 15 Wednesday 0
Super User February 16 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB March 22 Wednesday 0
Super User March 23 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB April 12 Wednesday 0
Super User April 13 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB May 17 Wednesday 0
Super User May 18 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB June 14 Wednesday 0
Super User June 15 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB June extra 20 Tuesday 0
Super User June extra 21 Wednesday 2
NB, RB, QB, KB July 19 Wednesday 0
Super User July 20 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB August 16 Wednesday 0
Super User August 17 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB September 20 Wednesday 5
Super User September 21 Thursday 4
NB, RB, QB, KB October 11 Wednesday 0
Super User October 12 Thursday 0
NB, RB, QB, KB November 22 Wednesday 3
Super User November 23 Thursday 2
NB, RB, QB, KB December 6 Wednesday 0
Super User December 7 Thursday 0