Event Management

AXLR8 event management is the solution for any event organiser from theatre and sport through to museums, competitions, carnivals, tradeshows and entertainment.

It links with AXLR8 Job Tracking Automation Overview package.

Facilities include:

  • Single or multiple organisers
  • Single or multiple event locations both within events and between them and within them
  • Factfind questions customised per event.
  • Feedback questions customised by event
  • Links to online payments
  • Links to web front end with featured events and showcased events on your front page
  • Reporting and analysis of event statistics and accounts including alerts for the organisers when new attendees book online, reports of who is booked on the events, and cash account statements to compare with bank statements
  • Knowledge management links (e.g. documents that only event attendees can see and download)
  • Unlimited sub events and “threads” or “streams”
  • Links to AXLR8 Knowledge management and CRM
  • Workflow automation links also to Trigaware to radically reduce administrative costs
  • Online administration from anywhere in the world
  • Template events for repeating event and sub event types

Please click here to find out how AXLR8 helped the Actors Centre and Tristan Bates Theatre.