Exchange Vault – intelligent email archiving

Exchange Vault is a system that automatically files your emails with the contacts, companies, jobs and events they were written about. It is a highly intelligent email archiving system with many benefits for an organisation

  • First, it is robust compliance support system so you may see all the emails relevant to a subject that have gone in to or out of your system and use them as evidence
  • Secondly, it allows productivity as you can see only the emails relevant to a job or person immediately with that record. For example, a Support Ticket, Case, Information Request may have several emails going backwards and forwards over an extended period between client initiation and the eventual resolution/delivery. All these can be auto filed based upon a subject line code for that ticket/case, etc.

For more details of how the system works in both public sector and commercial clients of AXLR8, please click on this link ExchangeVault to visit our specialist mini-site.

The Exchange Vault system works in conjunction with many other AXLR8 integrated CRM modules such as job tracking, event and theatre ticketing, staffing systems and our public sector compliance systems. It is often purchased with AXLR8 Mail Management.