Loan Book Management System

Loan Matrix from AXLR8
LOANMATRIX: Bridging Loan Book Manangement System

AXLR8 Loan Matrix feature list

  • Enter Borrowers, brokers, investors, introducers, referrers
  • Onboarding
  • Associate professionals (accountants, lawyers, surveyors, valuers, etc.)
  • Add credentials for your panel of professionals (number of partners, professional registrations, etc.) 
  • Vetting, KYC, MLA, PEP, profiling, etc.
  • Set up Loans
  • Security details
  • Calculate loan parameters
  • Assess Loan viability LTV, Net and gross 
  • Calculate arrangement fees and broker commission as well as introducer fees
  • Autogenerate documents (including Indicative terms, Decision in Principle, investment memoranda, statements.)
  • Manage Investor accounts, preferences and compliance checking cycles
  • Manage and track Investments
  • Build and manage Investment pools and vehicles and their funding sources and preferences
  • Manage Loans
  • Loan changes such as
    • Early redemption
    • Investors replacements during the course of the Bridging loan
    • Interest rate changes
    • New loans
    • Extensions
    • Fees
    • Payments
    • Bank reconciliations
  • Invoicing
  • Ledgers and transaction recording
  • Reporting
  • Customisability

The AXLR8 Loan Matrix V2 will be launching in September 2019.